The way to upgrade mobile privacy authority

     Apple fans may be paying attention to the latest development of ios14 recently. ios14 will have major upgrades and changes in user privacy. The most important manifestation is that the access to application permissions is more transparent, and the ability to completely determine whether their personal information will be To be tracked, the previous version’s approach was that Apple would assign a random device identifier, also known as an advertiser identifier (IDFA), to each user’s device. Usually, advertisers such as facebook, twitter, etc. would directly retrieve the hardware IDFA information for storage Upload and analyze, and finally achieve the purpose of accurately pushing personalized advertisements, as well as personalized mobile phone text messages and email advertisements. But now Apple has finally officially added a protective lock on this muffled road to making big money. You know that in Facebook’s 70 billion annual advertising revenue, personalized push ads account for a large proportion. If you can’t analyze user portraits, and you can’t get hardware information that matches your personal mobile phone number, then accurate advertising will lose meaning and click through rates. Will be cut in half.



     Obviously, there are now advertisements in the Android camp that ask for unlimited user data. Vampires talk about NO. The latest version of miui12 is the most restrictive system in Android for setting permissions. Users can be completely autonomous and can view which apps in real time. When do you want to call up what permissions, you can set termination at any time, and return blank information.


    All these changes are undoubtedly good for users, and I hope that the operating system level can play a certain role in promoting the disclosure of personal information privacy. Combined with the use of receive sms online on this site will better ensure that your personal privacy information will not be leaked