[Important] Must-read for use! ! !

    1. 1. Before using it, you should know that the content of the online text messages below can be viewed by everyone!
    2. 2. Please do not use this phone number to receive important content!
    3. 3. Others can retrieve the password through this phone number, so pay attention to personal information when registering!
    4. 4. The phone number below is only used to register some infrequently used websites or apps to prevent harassment and personal information leakage!
    5. 5. Please do not use it for illegal purposes.
    6. 6. Please do not use these phone numbers for banking, securities, finance, insurance, payment, lending and other operations!
    7. 7. The platform is a free project, all information on the website can be obtained openly and transparently by everyone, and there are no paid projects!
    8. 8. The platform has the right to block any abnormal and illegal SMS!
    9. 9. When used, it means that the above terms have been agreed, and the platform will not be responsible for any losses!

The platform does not support receiving abnormal verification codes such as WeChat, Alipay, QQ, political F, payment, loans, shopping finance, etc. Please do not use this number For illegal purposes, if there is an illegal act, the platform has the right to assist relevant departments to provide relevant information for investigation! Do not break the law with your body! ! !