Online [Privacy Email] Anonymous Email Verification Code Function

    According to feedback from a large number of users, there are still a large number of websites. APP registration requires an email address Receive verification code service. The verification code received by email is the same as the mobile verification code. Privacy protection is equally important. When registering some unimportant websites, you can use the latest online [Privacy Mail] on this platform to receive the verification code. To protect your information from being leaked, the method of use is very simple, as explained below.

    When you use it, you can register the email name you want by yourself. After filling in the user name, click [Apply for Email]. can.

    You can also directly select [random mailbox] to apply.

    Apply for a good mailbox, you can click on the mailbox number at the top to copy.

    5 seconds after you finish sending the email (because the server takes time to receive the email), click [Receive email] to proceed Check the latest mail.

    If you have finished using it, you can directly click the [Destroy Mailbox] function.

    The mail can be used for any time. After you apply for the mail, as long as the browser is not closed, the mail will always belong to you , You can always receive mail. When the browser is closed, you will lose the view and control of the mail, and the system will clean up the mail immediately.

    In order to ensure the normal operation of this function, please do not use it for illegal purposes.