About "Mail Subscription" Cannot Push Mail Instructions

    In response to some users’ reactions recently, I have clearly submitted the email address for email subscription, and the platform has the latest number online, but I did not receive the email for subscription.

    For this pot, I have to recite, because I have been busy with other things recently, it takes less time to develop and maintain the platform Some, in the early stage, I selected a third-party email subscription to send emails, but I found that the emails were basically in the trash box, and the sending was equal to white hair. So now we can only consider sending by self-built servers. There are things that need to be done in the middle. There are many, please let me deal with it slowly, after all, it is not a major event such as not receiving the verification code.

    But please rest assured, this function will definitely be gradually improved, because the prototype of the mail server has come out and the platform is now being tested "Privacy Email" function of "Privacy Mail" is now basically available online. The function will gradually increase, if you don’t know, you can try the function of the email verification code.

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