【Privacy SMS】Notice on standardizing business process

     In response to the "Regulations on the Ecological Governance of Network Information Content" issued by the National Internet Information Office, according to Article 9: Network information content service platforms should establish a network information content ecological governance mechanism, formulate rules for the platform's network information content ecological governance, and improve user registration , Account management, information release review, post comment review, page ecological management, real-time inspection, emergency response and network rumors, black industry chain information disposal systems.



     All mobile phone numbers for private SMS are Internet of Things cards circulating in the market. They can only receive SMS verification codes and cannot send SMS, and we will not provide any convenience to criminals. All content is open and transparent. On the website, everyone can view it. The original intention was to provide a small number to avoid the disclosure of their information. However, some criminals can use these public mobile phone numbers to make some illegal activities. As a website operator, it is reasonable to filter and restrict the output of content that does not conform to mainstream values and violates the law itself. In order for the private messaging platform to be sustainable for a long time, it is necessary to make some necessary regulations and restrictions from now on.



     First, set up a blacklist system for receiving short messages, and the content of short messages on the blacklist will be blocked. For abnormal SMS reception, including but not limited to ( WeChat, Alipay, QQ, shopping, finance, banking, insurance, loan, installment, government... ) such SMS, private SMS is blocked from the beginning of establishment, click Check the SMS blacklist , the blacklist will gradually increase as the content increases. For criminals with the above needs, please be forgiving, the platform only serves users who have legitimate personal privacy needs.


     Second, establish a SMS reporting system and develop a special reporting interface so that everyone can report and complain about abnormal SMS content. Due to the limited energy of the developer, it is impossible to screen the massive verification code text messages every day. In order to keep the private text messages, this website can provide long-lasting service to everyone. If you see abnormal verification code text messages , I hope you can check Submit the SMS content in the lower right corner of the webpage to supervise and report. After the developer receives the report and verifies it, if the content of the SMS is indeed at risk, it will be added to the blacklist for this type of SMS and will never be displayed.


     Third, private messaging is not a commercial profitable project. It only relies on platform advertising revenue to pay for various operating expenses. More enthusiasm is to use love to generate electricity. Through this online operation project, developers can more improve their technical strength. Developers will not charge any SMS or mobile phone numbers for business, nor will they sell mobile phone numbers for profit. Developers will not respond to all similar needs. Hope everyone knows.


     As a developer, facing the current environment where personal information privacy is seriously leaked, the project of private messaging can solve many people’s pain points to a certain extent, but everything has two sides. A chopper can cook and it can happen. Bloodshed. I hope that after the website standardizes the business process, it can serve everyone as long as possible. I also thank you for your support for this small project of mine. Whenever I see someone forwarding it to us like it, I am actually very pleased in my heart. It greatly satisfies the little vanity in the heart of a programmer.